Master P Net Worth – Net Worth of the Richest Rapper in the World

Net Worth of Master P

Mater P Net Worth – How Much is Master P Net Worth

Percy Robert Miller also known as the Master P, born on  April 29, 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an iconic rap singer, producer and business person. It is believed that he started to build his rap empire from a small record store in Richmond, California. He started his career as rapper with the music group called TRU with his brothers, Corey Miller and Vyshonn Miller. Let’s take a peep into his life and try to figure out how much is master p net worth.

Current Net Worth of Percy Robert Miller

Current net worth of Master P is estimated around 350 million US dollars. According to the Forbes, in 2009 he has an expected income was around $600 million that made him the highest paid hip hop entertainer in the world.

What Makes Him the Highest Paid Rapper in the World

Right from his debut album “Get Away Clean” released in 1991, Master P Net Worth started multiplying his income and reached to an unbelievable figure of $350 million today. After his first album he launched so many popular rap songs such as, “Mr. Ice Cream Man”, “Ghetto D”, and “MP Da Last Don”, “Bout it Bout it”, “Crazy About Ya” are few of them. He is known for its ever green song titled as “Make ‘Em Say Uhh”. Of course, these songs have fairly good contribution in current net worth of Master P.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to narrow down some specific sources of his income because this rap mogul is generating income from different professions. Current Master P net worth has been generated from his different ventures such as rap labels, clothe brands, a management company, top notched travel agency, a film production company, a video game company. It seems that he don’t want to miss any opportunity and even also start a sex-phone line service too. Thus, he build a world of his own around him to attract money from all directions.

In 2003, he faced hard time as his company “No Limit Records” has been declared as bankrupt. However, his oldest son Romeo re-launched the rap label again and running it successfully. Besides it, Master P net worth get more boost from his cable television network called “Better Black Television” which has been launched in November, 2010.

The immense Master P net worth allow him to think beyond self and inspire him to build a safe place where he can lead a next generation towards better future instead of violence and drugs. To accomplish his vision he founded a non-profit organization called “Let The Kids Grow” where he is trying to provide a better life to needy people of his society.

Hope this write up will help you to get a brief idea about how much is Master P net worth.

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